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The Story

Hi, John and Hailey here. We’re adopting a baby, and Escape to the Bandit Room is a fundraiser benefitting our adoption. We have so much anticipation and love for our future baby, that now we cannot imagine any other way of starting our family! This event will provide needed funds to our adoption budget, an essential part of this story. Hope to see you there! Learn more about our story
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The Auction

One of a kind items are being created and donated by talented artists, craftsman, makers, and friends from Kansas City, and from afar. A silent auction will take place throughout the event followed by a brief round of live bidding for a last chance to grab that perfect item.

The Drinks: Cash Donation Bar

Some say she never died — she just flew off into the sunset... The only thing folks agree on is that this concoction of rums, lime, grapefruit, cinnamon, and an amaretto wild cherry or 2 was one of her favorites. Maybe she’s on a beach sipping one at this very moment... who’s to say?
A blend of Jamaican Dark Rum, Campari, Demerara Sugar, pineapple, and lime make up this jubilant jungle libation. Careful, too many of these and you’ll turn into a jungle bird yourself.
Through their many seaplane travels, the Bandits have picked up a thing or two about the ways of mixing rums and spices. A word to the wise: Bandits are of hearty stock, and are often amused when travelers attempt to indulge in their drink. Drink too many, and you may never find your way out of their clutches.
Make any drink into a sharable bowl!
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